Sunday, May 24, 2009

Publicity Tour

Saturday was another jam-packed day for us. First we went to the KARE channel 11 studio in Minneapolis for a live television interview. Then we spent two hours at the Mill City Farmer's market singing books. Our last appearance was at the Roseville Barns and Noble store were we talked about writing the book and provided samples of the herbs used in Hmong cooking to a crowd of about 30 people. Our customers are young Hmong women who thank us for giving them a written record of the food they grew up with and love, and other people, from all kinds of cultural backgrounds, who have eaten Hmong food and want to know how to cook it, or are curious about a new cuisine.

This morning we are feeling a little tired, but extremely gratified.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cooking with Lynne Rossetto Kasper

So much to tell you! So many wonderful events and people here in the Twin Cities. We spent the morning with Lynne Rossetto Kasper and her crew, chopping, toasting, steaming and EATING together. Chicken Larb, steamed sticky rice, and hot chili condiment were on the menu. Lynne made us feel totally at home in her Saint Paul kitchen.
Pictured: Producer, Sally Swift, Sheng, Lynne, and Sami in front of the lilacs in Lynne's back yard. Our segment will air on The Splendid Table in July.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wisconsin State Journal Article

Here is the Wisconsin State Journal piece on our book. 77 Square is the paper's A&E section.